Season 1: The Cote Family

Show Notes

Our first season follows the Cote family through tragedy and triumph. Raw and unfiltered, catch a real glimpse on how injury really affects a young family and its relationships. Intimate and intriguing, you won’t be able to wait for each episode to drop to hear what happens next.

Episode 4 : I Was Like You

Released May 20, 2019

Show notes

Host: Laura Vander Steen

Guests: Elisabeth, Sebastian, Steven & Fred

Finally, take this amazing opportunity to meet Fred. His story is not just his own, it is a powerful testament to family, love and resilience. Fred’s gratitude and wisdom will have you searching in your own life for the meaning we all crave. Find out how Fred sees his relationships and the world around him . Find out the amazing and often adventurous life Fred leads with supportive care from Connect Communities and his dedicated mother and brother.

*This episode has no content warnings (except a tiny swear). Be prepared to be amazed by Fred and his family!

Tags : AVM, hope, meaning, rehab, recovery, Adapted activities, uncle Fred, Whistler, mothering, RESILIENCE, gratitude

Episode 3: The Coach

Released May 13, 2019

Show notes

Host: laura Vander Steen

Guests: Elisabeth, Steven and Sebastian

The family is split up between provinces. JP at Fred’s bedside in Halvar Jonson in Alberta and Elisabeth with Sebastian in B.C. Elisabeth is burning out trying to balance her work, Sebastian and surviving on quick trips to see JP and Fred. But another crisis is brewing and they will have to face a certain and catastrophic loss. Meet Elisabeth at the precipice of a big change and try not to be in awe of her awesome mix of faith, love, humour and resilience.

*This episode contains raw emotional content and topics around grief and loss. Please be mindful of your ability to handle this type of information

Tags:Dad, father, grief, Love, testament, cancer, hope, attachment, bonds, loss, humour, AVM,


Episode 2: The Storm


Show notes



Hooked up to wires and tubes in the ICU, his entire front skull bone removed Fred involuntarily shakes & sweats. Elisabeth, JP and Sebastian stand by and wait. Elisabeth didn’t have the best hope was sure Fred was in there. After many months in recovery, the family are burning out but watching Fred make incremental improvements. The family get shocking news and have to adjust their mental map of Fred’s next phase of recovery. The series can serve as a road map, with tips and education about the path through the confusing early days of acute care.

*This episode contains emotional and potentially triggering content. Please be mindful of your ability to handle this type of information

Tags: ICU, Grief, AVM, Stroke, recovery, burnout, VUlnerability, Recovery, Hope, Arteriovenous Malformation,Vancouver General Hospital, Injury, Trach, Neurosurgery, FAMILY dynamics, COPING, EDUCATION, REAL STORIES, OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY, PHYSIOTHERAPY, LOVE


Episode 1: The Call

Released April 29, 2019

Show notes

Host:Laura Vander Steen

Guests: Elisabeth & Steven

An arm wrestling match has unforeseen consequences for 18 year-old Fred. He, nor his family could have predicted that a New Year's party could have ended with him fighting for his life in the ICU. In this episode, Elisabeth details the emotional reality of brain injury on a family. If you are looking to feel less isolated in your own journey, want clinical practice hours for your college or are just interested in human stories, then you have to listen to the series.

*This episode contains graphic depictions of brain surgery and raw emotional content. Please be mindful of your own ability to handle this type of information.

Tags : TBI, Brain injury, Hemorrhagic Stroke, Aneurysm, ICU, Recovery, Vulnerability, Real Stories, Human Interest, Vancouver General Hospital, AVM, Arteriovenous Malformation, Recovery, Hope